How to Highlight Your Skills at a Showcase

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How to Highlight Your Skills at a Showcase

5 minute read

Showcases are a great way to connect with college coaches and scouts. Learn the best ways to highlight your skills and make a great impression at the softball or baseball showcase!

In showcases, players get the opportunity to show their skills and are not typically offered much instruction. Depending on how many players attend the showcase, there may be very limited opportunity to show your skills

Showcases are the perfect opportunity for softball or baseball players to show their skills to potential college coaches and recruiters. For some players, this can be a life-changing experience. EIther way, it’s a great way to get experience and to get your name out there.


Depending on how many players attend, there may be limited time and opportunities to show your skills, so you have to go into the showcase completely prepared and ready to wow the coaches.

This may seem intimidating, but this is what you’ve been training for.

You’ve worked hard.  You’ve perfected your position, you’re in the best shape of your life from strength training and conditioning, and you feel confident in your ability to play baseball or softball at a college level. You’ve done the research. You’ve figured out the best showcase baseball tournaments and the best baseball showcases to attend. Now it’s time to put that hard work to use and get noticed at baseball or softball showcases. This article will show you how to get noticed before, during, and after the showcase.

One Week Before the Showcase

Make sure coaches notice you by giving them a reason to. Contact coaches of the schools and programs that you are interested in at least a week before the showcase.

Give coaches your contact information, game times, your uniform number, colors you are wearing, and other identifying information.

Be polite, be confident, and express excitement at meeting them. This can go a very long way!

The Day Before the Showcase

The day before the showcase is incredibly important. At this point, you or your baseball or softball players have done everything you can do. You’ve practiced your skills, strength trained, and tried your best to improve.

Now it’s time to rest in the confidence that you are ready. Rest, rest, and get some more rest. Hydrate as much as you can, eat a light dinner that is easy to digest, and try to relax your mind. This is what you’ve been working towards!

Make sure your equipment and apparel is ready to go and set out or packed in your baseball or softball backpack or bag. You want to make sure that you have as little stress as possible on the day of the showcase. Preparing the night before is a great way to make sure you will look presentable and professional, remember all of your gear, and feel more in control of your success.

Get an early night’s sleep. Go to bed earlier than you might usually. It’s normal to have pre-showcase nerves, especially if this is your first baseball or softball showcase.

The Day of the Showcase

The big day has arrived. It’s normal to have showcase nerves, but remember this is what you’ve been training for.

Start the day right with a light breakfast. You may not feel like eating, but try your best to eat something light that will give you energy. Pack some water and sports drinks, as well as lunch and some protein bars for snacks. You don’t want to be eating concession stand food and drink during the showcase. Consider getting a baseball bag that can fit a small cooler. This means less gear you have to lug around with enough room for everything that you need for a successful showcase.

Arrive early, check in, and make time for stretches. When you meet coaches or sign in, speak confidently and clearly.

Get on the field, loosen up, stretch, and do a warm up. Remember to stay hydrated so you have enough energy for the showcase.

Here are some tips to make sure you make the best impression possible during your showcase:

  • Be confident. Coaches expect you to be a little nervous. They don’t expect you to be perfect! They are looking at not just what you can do, but also your potential- as well as how you deal with making mistakes and your emotions. Be calm and confident and use the showcase as an opportunity to play, just as you do any other practice or game.

  • Hustle.  Everywhere. All the time. Don’t walk to the next station. Show coaches your enthusiasm and give 110% as much as you can during the entire showcase. This shows your energy and your willingness to work hard. Coaches will appreciate it!

  • Act and look like a pro. Dress appropriately. Make sure you’re neat and clean. Keep your shirt tucked in, wear your hat the right way, and conduct yourself in a professional manner.

  • Introduce yourself to coaches of programs that you’re interested in. Be polite, confident, and express excitement for meeting them and their program. If you have the chance, introduce your parents as well.

  • Be a good teammate and polite to everyone you meet. Not only is this just good sportsmanship, but it’s a way to let coaches see your personality shine. Congratulate other players’ successes, thank coaches when you can, an speak respectfully to all. Coaches simply aren't interested in players that cause trouble and can’t be a team player

  • Play off your strengths and be true to yourself. If you aren’t a power hitter, that’s fine. Don’t try to prove yourself in something that isn’t your strongest suit. Show off your best skills. You have something that makes you unique and makes you a great player. Showcase what you’re good at, your consistency, your control, and your ability to give your best.

  • Follow all instructions.  Coaches need to know you’re “coachable.” While it may seem like all anyone cares about is your skill, this simply isn’t the case. Coaches look at a variety of things in youth baseball or softball players, including how well you can follow instructions and how gracefully you take feedback.

After the Showcase

When the showcase is over, make sure your baseball or softball player thanks as many coaches as he or she can before leaving the field. This is the last opportunity to make a great impression on a coach. It’s not only a good way to showcase personal skills, but it’s the right thing to do, showing respect and appreciation for the coaches’ time.

Plus, college coaches know that part of being a great player is being a great person. Showing respect, being a team player, and following the rules off the field is also important to being the best softball or baseball player.

After the showcase is over, follow up with coaches and schools that you are interested in. Send a polite email asking what impressions they had of you. Remind them that you are interested in their program and their school, and kindly ask for feedback.

Final Thoughts

A softball or baseball showcase can be extremely beneficial for youth players. Make sure you identify the best showcases to attend so you can show the right coaches your skills. While showcases may seem intimidating, remember that you deserve to be out there with the other players. Be a good teammate, follow instructions, and play off your strengths. These are great ways to get noticed by college coaches! Look your best, play your best, make strategic connections, and have fun!


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