November 11, 2016

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We are in the era of the pitcher. Home run and RBI totals are down for hitters no-hitters and perfect games are occurring at a historic rate. Pitchers are becoming of the most dominant forces on today's baseball teams. Due to the evolution of the sport, it comes as no surprise that pitchers are getting bigger and stronger every season. Here are just of the few reasons that pitchers are dominating baseball.

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Athletes Starting Early

One of the reasons that pitchers are becoming faster and stronger than in years past is that they learning the game from a young age. When you see a professional pitcher take the mound, there’s a good chance he or she has been playing since they were a young athlete. Many kids start with T-ball between the ages of three and six, graduating to baseball soon after.

That means that young players start building muscle mass, bone strength, and coordination early. Of course, even athletes that start later can still have professional careers but young athletes who start playing in middle or high school join the athletic culture and learn the importance of practicing consistently and training their muscles.

Winter Season Workouts

Another reason that baseball pitchers dominate the diamond is that they maintain strength and agility year-round by training during the off-season. Naturally, pitchers train in between outings during the season, but they have less time to hit the weights when they also have practice and games.

Working out in the winter gives athletes the chance to focus more on building solid muscle and conditioning their bodies for peak performance. Plus, working out during the winter season means that athletes don’t lose their progress from the previous season. They don’t have to start over from scratch when it’s time to get in shape for spring. Rather than fluctuating in strength and size throughout the seasons, pitchers strive to maintain steady gains.

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Personalized Coaching

Modern baseball players benefit from the availability of coaches and other professionals to help guide their training. Coaches are more than just experts on game-day strategy. They’re also highly knowledgeable in the techniques pitchers can use to maximize their potential on the field. At the middle and high school level, many coaches and athletic trainers have advanced degrees in education and exercise science.

At the college and professional levels, coaches tend to be even more highly educated and experienced while providing 1-on-1 customized workouts. Pitchers can take advantage of this wealth of knowledge to reach their peak ability. Not to mention, pro-level pitchers often work with personal trainers, physical therapists, and sports medicine professionals to train harder and protect their health.

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Workouts and Nutrition

When you image baseball, perhaps you picture hot dogs and beer at the stadium. Don’t be deceived! Nutrition for pitchers is way more advanced than nutrition for spectators! Working with nutritional experts to create diets full of lean protein, slow-burning carbohydrates, and healthy fats are just some of the ways that pitchers build strong bodies.

The mechanics and explosiveness of pitching a baseball or softball can break down strong muscle fibers and an incredible rate. Replenishment of nutrients is necessary for the recovery process after each game. Planning nutrition and exercise together is a great way for athletes to achieve their fitness goals.

Being able to pitch accurately and consistently without injury is no easy task and requires players to work hard. By starting young, staying fit during the off season, working with coaches and experts, and optimizing diet and nutrition, pitchers are becoming better, stronger, and faster than ever.

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