August 09, 2018

gearguard catchers bag

To be a baseball catcher you need to have a tremendous amount of heart, skill, and basically everything else in between. Your mental abilities have to be even better than your physical abilities. Can you calm down every pitcher in the rotation? Do you know every pitcher’s strength and weakness? What about the opposing team, you must not know just their strength and weakness hitting wise, but their speed and ability to run as well. Here are just a few things we believe every catcher, no matter how big or small, should have, or strive to have.


To play any sport you need a great amount of “heart”, but as a baseball catcher you definitely have to have heart to maneuver this difficult position. Having “heart” means giving your all, each and every time you step on the field. Athletes who play with heart are laser-focused, intrinsically motivated, excited about winning, and resilient toward setbacks and failure.


As a baseball catcher, you are in the background. The pitcher gets almost all the credit, no matter how well you preformed that game. Your job as a catcher is to make your pitcher look good, no matter what kind of game they are throwing. You must be focused on their needs and how they are feeling when navigating through a lineup. As a catcher it is not about you, but about your pitcher. At the end of the day, you are using your body as a shield to help protect your pitcher and make them look good. If your pitcher had a successful outing, so did you.


As a catcher you have to have many skills, can you block balls in the dirt? What about balls over your head? Can you throw to every base accurately? What about framing? You need to have quick feet, great hands, and a strong arm. These skills require many days of practices, many drills, and many days at the ballfield.

Being a baseball catcher is not an easy job by any means. It requires more skills and traits than we could ever list.

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