September 25, 2018

 best baseball catchers bag

A baseball catcher is a dedicated athlete who strives to not only do their best for the pitcher, but for the entire team. A baseball catcher primarily crouches directly behind Homeplate and is responsible for receiving all of a pitcher’s pitches, no matter how good or bad. 

On defense, a catcher has many duties. Primarily, they are responsible for catching all pitches from their pitcher and often call which pitches they want their pitchers to throw. They are responsible for keeping an eye on all the runners on base, at all times. They must be able to throw to any base at any time to prevent runners from stealing or leading off too far. Additionally, catchers must block pitches in the dirt and frame pitches close to the strike zone.

Baseball catchers also play an important psychological role. Catchers must be able to calm down their pitchers and take visits to the mound to offer advice when struggling. Every pitcher is different, and catchers must be able to coordinate their advice via each pitcher’s personality. 

A baseball catcher is a team leader. The pitcher and the catcher, more or less control the pace of the game, and the game in itself. As a catcher you can see every position player on the field, you can see every play, and you touch the ball every pitch. It’s your job to call the plays, call time when things get rough, and cheer on your teammates.

A baseball catcher is a special person, a selfless, hardworking, team-oriented person. If your top priority is yourself and your stats, then being a catcher is not the position for you. If you enjoy seeing your name in the paper and being praised after every game, being a catcher is not for you.

If you don’t enjoy being a leader and you just want to stay in the background, being a baseball catcher is not for you. Do you enjoy doing the bare minimum at practices and in games? Being a catcher is just not for you.

Being a baseball catcher requires hours of practice and dedication to a position that doesn’t get much credit. Being a catcher requires a very special person with qualities that many athletes simply do not have. Baseball catchers are a special breed of athletes. That is what a baseball catcher is.

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