September 10, 2018

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It’s hard to pinpoint a proper batting stance, there are closed, open and plain out awkward looking stances, from college level to professional athletes. But we do believe the following tips below can help out, when a young athlete is just getting started.

Feet a little wider than shoulder-width

Make sure you are balanced and in a good position to stride and use your lower half. Standing a little wider than shoulder width will put you in a good position to take a short stride and use your lower body to rotate and generate power. Make sure your weight is shifted slightly on your back leg, more so than your front leg. Now, your lower half is in a good position to generate power.

Hands near back shoulder

Make sure your hands are off your shoulder and at the top of the strike zone. This puts your hands in the best position for swinging the bat. If your hands start below the ball, this will cause you to pop up the ball. Be aware of the location of your hands. In general, you don’t want them too high or too low as the ball is approaching. The less you have to move your hands up or down to get on plane with the ball, the better.

Eyes on pitcher

Make sure both eyes are on the pitcher. If you are in a square stance and find it difficult to turn your head far enough to get both eyes on the pitcher, then opening your stance just enough to solve that problem might be right for you.

The most important part of your batting stance is to make sure you are comfortable and have a clear view of the pitcher and the ball. While you are young and learning it is the perfect time to play around with a few techniques, such as an open or closed stance, until you feel most comfortable in your position.

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