August 20, 2018

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As a catcher progresses in age and in skill, they need to know how to call a game. Calling a game requires you to pay attention to details and keep mental notes on hitters, runners, and your own pitching staff. What do you need to call in certain counts? What is the game situation? There are many questions that run through your head before you put down every sign. Here are some things you must do when calling your own game.

Do your Research

Before games, it is important you gather as much information as you can about the opposing team’s lineup. Most every hitter has some kind of strength and weakness, and you must know them all. Are they aggressive on first pitch? Are they patient? What do you throw when you’re ahead? What do you throw when you’re behind? Do your research!

Know your Pitchers 

You must know your pitching staff inside and out. What are their best pitches? What are their least successful pitches? Does he produce more ground balls or fly outs? Is he a strike out pitcher? How well does he hold runners on base? How well does he field his position? This all comes into play when calling pitches.

Know the Situation

Throughout the game, strategies change depending on the situation. Each inning, runners vary, outs vary, and counts vary. It is your job as a catcher to call the game depending on the situation. What’s the score of the game? What inning? How many runners are on base?

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