August 06, 2018

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Parenting athletes, you’d probably agree there’s not much that rivals watching your child compete in a sport he or she loves to play. For as long as sporting events have existed, parents have cheered and criticized their kids – pushing, shouting, encouraging, and demanding from the stands.

Parental behavior from the sidelines and at home has a critical impact on a child’s performance – both good and bad – which is why this list exists. Below are several important dos and don’ts for parents of young athletes.

Please Do

  • Encourage your child to choose a sport he or she wants to play. Support the decision even if it isn’t something you’re interested in yourself.
  • Teach your child to respect his or her teammates, coaches, and referees.
  • Let your child learn from their mistakes.
  • Acknowledge your child’s successes and be tolerant of the way he or she learns.
  • Support your child whether he or she wins or loses.
  • Allow the coach to do his or her job. Avoid interfering or interjecting your own opinion when the coach is making a point.

Please Don’t

  • Try to relive your own youth through your child. Be willing to accept that he or she won’t be interested in or won’t excel at the same sport you did.
  • Blame others when your child or the team doesn’t play well.
  • Push your child to play a sport he or she isn’t interested in.
  • Put too much pressure on your child to play well in order to uphold your image.
  • Compare one child’s ability to another’s.
  • Make your child feel guilty for the time or money it takes for him or her to play their favorite sport.

Being the parent of a young athlete can be exciting. It’s easy to get carried away during the heat of battle, but a good parent realizes his or her place and does everything possible to support and encourage their child. The dos and don’ts above can help you be a parent any young athlete will love to have rooting in their corner.

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