How to Use "Perfect Game" to Your Best Advantage

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How to Use "Perfect Game" to Your Best Advantage

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Perfect Game Baseball

How to Use "Perfect Game" to Your Best Advantage

If you live and breathe baseball, then your dream is to make it to the big leagues. Major League Baseball (MLB) is the cherry on the top of all your game goals.

However, a multitude of players in high schools across the country share the same ambition and for only a select few will it become a reality. Even if you're a stellar player, how do you stand out from the rest? It would be best if you had every edge you could get, and using the Perfect Game is your best advantage to gain admittance into college ball and eventually, MLB.

What is the Perfect Game Baseball?

The Perfect Game is an amateur baseball scouting service, but they are also so much more. Each year they host 1,000 plus tournaments and showcases across the United States. They provide a platform for the nation's leading and best young players to display their skills and impress each other and talent scouts.

At the Perfect Game events, you'll have the opportunity to see how you stack up against the best of the best. Are you all that you think you are, or could you use improvement?

Sometimes a young man believes he is a star player. However, on the diamond he is surprised to see the skills of his peers far outshine his luster, and, in other cases, a player who thinks he might be lacking finds out he is stellar. Undoubtedly, the Perfect Game events are a great way to compare skills and to see how you really muster up to your fellow players.

Best of all, it should be noted that the WWBA and BCA tournaments are frequently attended by the top travel teams in the nation! If you love the sport of baseball, then attending one of the events is a must. You can use the Perfect Game to get noticed by scouts and compare your skill sets with other players.

What Does the Perfect Game Offer?

If you decide to become a member of the Perfect Game, then you can expect that all your data will be shared with scouts. The Perfect Game staff creates detailed reports available to college coaches and pro scouts as part of the site's subscription service.

Here are just a few things that the Perfect Game provides:

  • Opportunity to collaborate with MLB to help the love of the sport grow.
  • Build up baseball fans
  • Continue encouraging the best athletes to play baseball
  • Tips on how to continue practicing safety while playing baseball
  • Continued encouragement for participation in the sport for all age and demographic groups
  • Holds a wide array of events
  • Identify the best players and teams
  • Provide exposure for leading players
  • Offer education and assistance to parents and players

Members of the Perfect Game staff file detailed scouting reports on the players at all their showcases. The reports are then made available to coaches, pro scouts, and college coaches. If you are a young and aspiring player whose goal is the MBA, you get 'seen' by those truly important in the industry. Honestly, it might be the difference between getting 'discovered' and having an opportunity to do what you love or losing out on the golden chance to pursue your lifelong dream.

All the biographical information and contact material, along with baseball analysis, are carefully compiled. Player rankings, team rankings, and a complete pre-draft analysis of high school and college players are published and showcased in various ways, such as feature stories about pros and amateurs, detailed interviews, and game stories. All information is published on the website, where they gain maximum exposure because anyone who loves the Game of baseball regularly reads Perfect Game.

Also, Perfect Game offers a video service using Baseball WebTV.

What Does the Perfect Game Offer You?

As a young and aspiring player, you might be wondering precisely what Perfect Game will do for you. You dream of being discovered by the big leagues, and Perfect Game can make that dream a reality. Perfect Game creates the perfect platform, so you get seen by Major League scouts and college coaches.

Coaches from nearly all 309 NCAA Division I programs attend the events hosted by the Perfect Game. Also, Division II, Division III, NAIA, and junior colleges attend the events. Scouts from all 30 Major League teams also personally send scouts to the events. If you are a young player, the Perfect Game makes you visible to those who matter in the sport. They provide the opportunity that you are seeking to be discovered.

How Do You Get Noticed by the Perfect Game?

Perfect Game Baseball Association is a great way to get noticed. You can create a profile, but that's not going to show if you stack up against the best in the nation. You'll need to pay a subscription fee to join Perfect Game.

They offer three levels of subscriptions:

  • Insider for $74.99 per year with monthly payments available.
  • Premium for $249.99 per year with monthly payments available
  • Scout for $599.99 per year.

Perfect Game Tournaments

Teams are invited to tournaments, but only the powerhouse teams in the nation gain such a golden invite, so if you aren't lucky enough to play with such a team, you'll probably want to seek a subscription to Perfect Game and attend showcase events.

When you visit their website, you'll see the various events and tournaments being held and which teams are involved. When you belong to a particular team invited to the tournament, squads will even pay to fly the team in to play, which is a fantastic opportunity for young players.

The opportunity to play at such tournaments is genuinely a fantastic way to get noticed and drafted. The teams play at the best training facilities and other areas. Also, hundreds of scouts attend the events to draft the best players.

Perfect Game Team Classification

Perfect Game tournaments are a dream for teams around the nation. They provide the opportunity to play at top facilities and participate in the highest level of baseball competition. There is even live play-by-play for each of the games. Regardless of age, divisions, or skill levels, the value for the teams is genuinely outstanding.

Importance of Attending Perfect Game Events

Supposedly access to exposure can be gained without attendance at the showcase events. Perfect Team baseball rankings can improve, but if you study the website and the players, you'll see that virtually every player who ranks high on Perfect Game has attended events. The events are what give players access to genuine exposure.

Honestly, for Perfect Game to evaluate a player's skills, they need to see the player play. Without genuine real-life exposure, accurate evaluations cannot be carried out, so attending showcases is necessary to gain exposure and be noticed.

In 2018, the top player on Perfect Game Rankings was Matthew Liberatore of Peoria, Arizona. He attended 30 perfect game events. The second-ranked player that year was Ethan Hankins of Cumming, Georgia. He attended 45 events.

If you perform a Perfect Game player search and examine the players of the high school class of 2019 on Perfect Game, you'll see that every player ranked in the top 100 attended Perfect Game events. One player, Shane Sasaki of Hawaii, even went to two Perfect Game events.

Clearly, attending Perfect Game showcases matter a great deal for player rankings and the opportunity to get noticed and eventually drafted.


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Does Everyone Get Invited to Perfect Game Showcases?

Unfortunately, not everyone gets invited. However, if you are a top player in the country, you will have the opportunity to attend multiple Perfect Game showcases and tournaments. Again, they will often say it is unnecessary to attend a Perfect Game showcase, but as illustrated above - the top-ranking players attend numerous events and showcases. There is clearly a massive advantage to attending, and it's the only way that genuine and accurate evaluations can be carried out.

How Much Money is a Perfect Game Showcase?

Yes, it does take money to subscribe to the Perfect Game and to attend the events. One recent showcase event ended up costing parents $649 per child to provide their aspiring players with exposure to college coaches.

How Long is a Perfect Game Showcase?

A showcase is a live-action event where each player can showcase their skills and what makes them stand out as exceptional players. During the two-day event, all players are split into teams and will play games. Typically, Perfect Game schedules 18 to 20 innings over both days.

How Do You Get a Perfect Game Grade?

The grading system at Perfect Game relies on an amateur grading system that ranges from 1 to 10. For example, the MLB relies on a grading system from 2 to 8 or 20 to 80 (a rank of 80 is the best for the Major League, and a 50 is the average)

Getting Noticed by Scouts at Perfect Game Events

The combination of grading and attendance at showcases, events, and tournaments all matter with the Perfect Game. In one testimonial left by New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman, "Perfect Game is a leading resource for anyone interested in amateur baseball, running top-notch events throughout the year which are followed closely by our scouts. Perfect Game player information and rankings are a valuable resource for us."

If you are a serious aspiring MBA baseball player, subscribing to Perfect Game and attending showcase events and tournaments is necessary. It is one step towards making your dream of playing baseball in the big leagues a reality. As a leading player, you indeed can use Perfect Game to your best advantage and capture the attention of coaches and scouts.

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