How to Perform Your Best at a Week Long Showcase

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How to Perform Your Best at a Week Long Showcase

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week-long showcase for baseball

Week-long showcases are the perfect way to connect with college scouts and coaches. Learn how to perform your best at a softball or baseball showcase. 

Week-long showcases are a great way to make connections with college coaches and scouts. At these showcases, you get the opportunity to show off your skills, coachability, and your personality. Showcases have the potential to be a life changing experience, so it only makes sense to make the most out of this opportunity, especially since there are limited opportunities to show your skills

Showcases may make you a bit nervous, especially if you are new to them. However, they are just a way to show what you have been working for all of these years! You’ve perfected your game, you’re confident, you’ve worked hard, and you’re in great shape. You have the skills you need, but now you just need to figure out the best way to showcase them to give you a strategic advantage at a weeklong showcase.

What Happens at a Week Long Showcase?

Week long events were developed from the format MLB teams used to offer open tryout camps to college and high school players. The basic order of events is:

  • Timed 60 yard dash
  • Arm evaluation
  • Batting practice
  • Pitching evaluation

Knowing what to expect is key to preparing yourself so that you can perform best at your week-long showcase.

Performing Your Best at a Week Long Showcase Begins Before the Showcase Even Starts

You may be so focused on the showcase that you focus only on that day- and that’s a mistake. Preparing for a showcase begins well before it starts. It begins with your training and hard work, which you have covered if you’re ready. But it also is important to think about the day before the showcase.

The day before the showcase is when you can get ready, prepare your body, and get your mind focused on the week to come. At this point, there isn’t really anything you can do as far as perfecting or improving your skills. Now the important thing to do is to rest, hydrate, and get your mind ready.

Eat a light dinner that’s easy to digest and make sure to relax. It’s understandable that softball and baseball showcases can make you a bit nervous. You can combat nerves by resting in the knowledge that you have been working towards this your whole career and making sure everything is ready to go.

Make sure you’re packed and ready to go for the next day. Set out all your apparel and youth baseball equipment and pack it in your baseball backpack or catcher’s bag. Doing this makes sure you have nice clean apparel and everything you need for the showcase. This is essential as you want coaches to know you’re responsible and organized.

After you’re all packed up, make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Go to bed a little earlier than you usually do since it might be hard to fall asleep.

Best Ways to Show Your Skills at the Showcase

  • Choose the right showcase. Make sure there are coaches there from programs you are interested in.
  • Don’t attend a showcase if you’re injured or sick. Coaches are going to assume you are at your best. If you have a sore arm from a recent game, a leg injury, or anything else, you’re only hurting yourself. Coaches won’t see your best, and you risk injuring yourself more!
  • There’s only one chance for a first impression. Be on time, ready to go, and prepared. Leave earlier than you think necessary so you aren’t panicked about being late.
  • Be polite. Coaches should be addressed as “yes, sir” “no, sir.” If there are two similar players but one is polite and is good at being coached, that's the player that will make the better impression.
  • Look your best. Wear clean clothes, tuck in your shirt, and make sure you look clean cut. You don’t watch coaches to remember you for the wrong things! Let your performance shine so the coaches remember that- not your bad hygiene or lack of preparation!
  • Hustle! Don’t walk between stations. Run and show you can give 110%.
  • Stretch as much as you can and do whatever you need to do to get ready and perform your best!

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60 Yard Dash Tips

  • Note the order of the dash. It could go alphabetically or by number, or in a different order. If you see that you won’t be up for a while, keep yourself loose. Stretch, jog, around, and keep moving so that you don’t stiffen up.
  • If you trip or slip during the start, don’t panic. You’ll get a second chance.
  • Don’t coast or slow down at the finish. Act like you’re going 65 yards instead of 60. Finish strong.
  • Lead forward across the finish line.

Offensive Tips/Batting Segment

You’ll get one round of 8-10 swings, so try your best to perform well. Take a deep breath and focus on showing off your skills!

  • If there is a warm up station or partner flip drills, focus and try your best. Make sure you give practice your all.
  • Size up the BP pitcher just like you would in real life.
  • Help your timing by taking the first BP pitch during your round.
  • Coaches want to see line drives. Square up and show bat control by hitting line drives to all fields. If you are a power hitter, make sure to showcase that as well!

Defensive Tips/Arm Evaluation

  • Keep yourself loose during the throwing segment.
  • If necessary, while you’re waiting, grab a partner and do a few extra throws to keep yourself warmed up.
  • Be ready when your number is called and show enthusiasm and hustle.
  • For infielders and outfielders, coaches are mostly evaluating arm strength. Accuracy is also very important, but not as important as arm strength. Throw your hardest.
  • There’s nothing wrong with diving for a ball during throwing evaluation. Coaches love to see effort and enthusiasm.
  • Throw from the defensive position when you can so you can show off your arm strength best. This should be in your best position.

Pitching Tips

During the pitching evaluation, coaches are taking a look at your control, movement, location, and velocity.

  • Stretch your arm before and do your best
  • Work on low strikes with your fastball
  • Mix in off speed pitches and show command
  • Don’t be afraid to show off a bit with some fastballs at the end of your evaluation

Mental Tips

Keeping your head in the game is just as important as your physical capabilities. Mental blocks can really affect your performance, so be sure to try to stay confident and show your ability to be a team player with a good attitude!

  • Always assume there is a coach watching you. Don’t sit down during breaks and be on your phone.
  • Be kind to every player and remember that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Use it wisely
  • Be aware of your body language. Exude confidence. It’s ok to be nervous but stay focused. Take a few deep breaths when you need to. Take things one pitch at a time and don’t worry about things outside of your control.

Final Thoughts

A week-long softball or baseball showcase is the perfect way to show off your skills to college coaches. For serious youth baseball players, there is no better way to show what you can do and your seriousness for the sport.

Make sure you choose the right showcase, are in tip-top shape and health, and act professionally! While showcases can indeed seem intimidating, remember why you want to play- the love of the game. You have practiced your whole youth softball or baseball career for this, and now is your time to shine!

Plan ahead, pack the best youth baseball equipment, stay organized and hydrated, and maintain a good attitude. You’ll be sure to impress college coaches and make a name for yourself by being your best physically and mentally!


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