September 05, 2018

softball catchers bag

Hitting isn’t easy, but that should be obvious if you play the game of baseball. Have you ever been in a hitting slump? If you play baseball or softball you’ve most likely been in a slump, no matter what level you are. But rest assured, your next hitting streak could be only one pitch away. Here are some tips to help you through your dreaded slump. 

Hit the Cages

This may be an obvious one, but practice makes perfect. Get in the cage and work on some drills to really focus in on your mechanics. Have someone record you and check out your swing to make sure there isn’t an obvious error in your swing. Rather than focus on the entire swing, focus on specific areas to narrow it down as to where the problem is. It’s very helpful to divide a player into two sections, his lower half of the body and his upper half.

Just getting in the cage and getting in solid contact, does wonders for your confidence and mindset. Remember the only thing you can control is effort and attitude, get some good reps under your belt and step back on the field radiating confidence.

Practice Visualization

Studies show that seeing is believing. There are many sources out there that discuss the art of visualization, but we believe it is important for a long successful career.

Take a second before practice and games and visualize your entire process, from start to finish. Visualize your swing, making contact, and driving the ball to all parts of the field. Simply learn to "see and feel" yourself taking a good swing and making solid contact.

Don’t Overthink It

A majority of the time, a hitting slump is not due to improper mechanics or a physical deficiency. More often than not, poor performance at the plate all starts with your thoughts and visualization before you even step into the batter's box. You are your own worst enemy. Focus on positive thoughts, visualization, and your knowledge of the game to propel you from your slump.

 A baseball slump is something you will have to deal with throughout your career, but we believe that the tips above can really help you shorten or escape your hitting slump. Just remember, persistence is key!

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