How to Choose the Right Baseball or Softball Bat Bag

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How to Choose the Right Baseball or Softball Bat Bag

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As any baseball player knows, having the right baseball bat bag is a necessity and not just a luxury.

Compared to other sports, baseball requires a lot of equipment, which is heavy and bulky, so a well-made bag with various compartments is essential. Sure, you can carry all your gear by hand, but that quickly becomes a hassle.

Most players have a softball or baseball backpack to hold cleats, shoes, and mitts plus a bat bag that is dedicated only to bats. Depending on the bat bag, it might also have added compartments that let you shove a glove in one end, your cleats, or even a helmet. A baseball bat bag makes it easier to move equipment to and from the playing field and around when needed.

Reasons to Invest in a Baseball Bat Bag

You’ll want to find a lightweight bag that lets you effortlessly and safely carry your bats and other gear between playing fields.

Here are a few reasons to invest in a baseball bat bag:

  • Makes it easier to carry equipment.

  • Saves time by making fewer trips to and from the vehicle to unload equipment

  • Equipment is safe in one place.

  • Bag protects the bats from damage.

  • Prevents the player’s equipment from getting mixed up with other teammates’ items.

Features of a Softball or Baseball Bat Bag

You’ll want to find a bat bag that is ruggedly durable and built to last. It should also keep your gear safe from damage. Let’s examine the must-have features of a well-designed bat bag.

Baseball or Softball Bat Bag: Cushioning Matters

Cushioning is not a luxury but a necessity when it comes to picking the best bat bag. When choosing a bag, you’ll want to look at the straps. Big, wide straps with ample cushioning protect your shoulders from the strain of carrying the heavy bats. When well-designed, the cushioning distributes the weight evenly which puts less of a strain on your back and shoulders.

Two Layers of Protective Cushioning

A baseball bat bag design is complex. It features a thick outer layer to stand up to the elements and rough handling. There is also an inner surface layer with cushioning to further protect the equipment. Damage to a bat will significantly depreciate the equipment’s value so providing padding helps keep the item in pristine condition.

Compartments: Bare Minimum or Multi-Function Bag

You might already own a baseball backpack that you use to transport your cleats, uniforms, and smaller items. If so, then a minimalist bat bag design without numerous compartments might fit your needs better than a larger, multi-compartment bag which also carries a higher price tag.

Ask yourself what you plan on carrying in your bat bag. Do you want extra pockets to stow additional gear? A divider in the main compartment to separate bats from other items? What about exterior compartments to hold sunglasses, cellphone, or water bottles?

The best pitch baseball bags usually have additional pockets to hold a wide array of items. You’ll even find a ventilated compartment where you can stash your dirty, smelly cleats. Some even sport small pockets for your cell phone, iPod, or money.

Bat Bag Style Considerations

You’ll want to examine the baseball and softball bat bag styles so you can determine which one will best fit your needs.

Handheld Bat Bag

The handheld bat bag is a classic duffle that resembles a tote bag but with a short length handle. The bag has a long, skinny design. You can load several bats and balls in the bag - depending on size. You’ll find streamlined styles or handheld bat bags with a variety of pockets.

The main drawback to the handheld bat bag is that it only affords a single carry method which is by hand due to the small carry straps. If you are a small person or carrying a great deal of bats (a lot of weight) then the single carry method might become a problem because you can’t leverage the weight up onto your shoulder.

The Shoulder Strap Bag

The shoulder strap bag is like the duffle bag but with a longer shoulder strap. Most have a short length handle coupled with the longer shoulder length strap so you can stabilize the bag on your shoulder and hold it via your hand. The shoulder strap bat bag is a great option for quick and effortless comfort.

The Prospect Duffle Bat Bag for Baseball or Softball is a three-in one baseball bag that is easy-to-carry. The duffle bag comes equipped with shoulder straps so you can pack it from your vehicle to the field and back again with ease. It comes with a slip-on bag that you can slip the bat bag into to protect it from dirt and moisture. Also, slipping the bat bag into the exterior bag helps ensure that other players have only limited access to your equipment which helps increase safety when you can’t keep an eye on the bag.

Personalize the Prospect bat bag with the included locker tag or opt to have it embroidered on the silk-screen offered with the bag.

Wheeled Bag

Baseball and softball gear is heavy! Sometimes carrying heavy bats and other items can take a toll on a player. You’ll feel tired before you even play the game. A wheeled baseball bat bag lets you carry more weight with ease. The wheeled models are usually even larger than the standard carry bat bags because the wheels help transport the bag better.

You’ll find two styles of wheeled bags: inline or tank. When choosing a wheeled bag, pick one with a metal runner that runs along the length of the bag’s bottom. The metal runners provide additional support. You can find models with plastic wheel plates which do provide protection from tears and provide some support.

The No Errors Dinger Two-Wheeled Bag effortlessly holds four full-size 34 inch bats. It features a removable panel to create more room. There is even a ventilated bottom cleat department.

Find a name tag and an embroidery strap that you can have your team logo or name emblazoned across. There are several pockets that let you carry batting gloves, cleats, or other items. The bag also has built-in towel rings and Velcro to let you dry out your gloves. There are exterior hooks to hang gloves and other bags from the bag for easy access.

With FatBoy wheel technology, the oversized wheel can handle up to 500 pounds of stress. Most bags have an inline skate wheel technology which can lead to bag scars because the bag’s material comes into contact with the ground if the terrain is rough. However, the fat boy wheels travel across the top of uneven ground to protect the bag’s material. You never have to worry about your bag dragging the ground. You can even hang the bat bag using the FatBoy wheels on the fence when you get to the fence.

Catcher Wheeled Bag - NO E2

Catchers are notorious for hauling a lot of gear. You have invested in a bat bag that looked ideal but once you loaded it up with bats and gear then you encountered an accessibility nightmare. However with the NO E2 bag , there is a main compartment that opens easily to reveal everything you need. You don’t have to worry about dividers or small compartments.

Just like the Dinger wheeled bag, the No Errors NO E2 also has FatBoy wheels so you can traverse the muddy fields and other objects with ease.

The No Errors NO E2 measures 36 inches long by 12 inches wide by 12 deep. There are five compartments that measure 5 to 12 inches wide by 4-inch-deep knee savers that are expandable.

Bat Pack Bag

Bat pack bags are a new design that is similar to a school backpack. They are favored by youth players. The bag evenly distributes weight to help make carrying easier. Bats are placed in mesh sleeves along the sides of the bag and the center compartment works well for other gear such as your helmet or gloves. The bat pack has gained a great deal of popularity recently, but you can’ haul a lot of bats. However, for transportation of a couple the bag is ideal.

When picking a bat pack bag, you’ll want to consider one that features reinforced sleeves for the bats. The bottom of the bag should be an easy-clean design with a durable lining. Depending on the bag, there might be compartments for cell phones, laptops, wallets, sunglasses, or other personal items that you want to haul to the game with you. A few bat pack bags feature ventilated cleat pockets.

Check out the Top Pick Backpack HERE.

Baseball and Softball Backpacks

When shopping for bat bags, you might also want to consider a baseball and softball backpack which can double as a bat bag. The backpacks are an affordable option to the more costly bat bag. They are great if your child is just starting out in baseball, and you are unsure if they will continue with the sport or if it’s just a fleeting interest.

Maybe you’re just getting started, not having yet dedicated your summers to the local softball or baseball league. Your kid is only just stepping onto the diamond, shiny and new in their bright uniform. Or you’ve already spent years cheering from the bleachers.

By now the diamond isn’t just your kid’s playing field, but the layer of dirt that covers your picnic bags, car floor, and your child’s every summer day. Regardless of where you’re at, you’ve probably asked this question: how do I get the most out of the sports gear I purchase?

Your kid grows like a weed, of course, so there’s absolutely no chance of saving on any clothing costs. They say the only thing certain in life is death and taxes, but you’re confident you can add growth spurts to the list.

Anything from hats to gloves is going to be changing on the regular. You’re even buying new bats all the time to match their developing swing. If you’re wondering if there’s anything that doesn’t come and go with each new season, then I have a proposition for you: baseball and softball backpacks can be built to last.

The Top Pick Backpack

You might be wondering… are there any cheap softball backpacks that can reliably get the job done? The answer to that question is a definite yes! Here at No Errors, we offer both excellent quality and competitive prices often lower than the baseball and softball backpacks offered by Nike or Easton. Plus, when you account for the longevity that comes with a No Errors bag, you’re getting far more bang for your buck.

What is so special about No Errors’ bags? Allow me to present to you the Top Pick Baseball and Softball backpack. First off, it’s a baseball and softball backpack that doubles as a bat bag. You don’t need another baseball or softball bat backpack because this spacious bag really has the best of both worlds.

It’s a bat bag that can hold all your gear, including your bats, helmet, balls, gloves, water, and special compartments for your phone and jewelry. All No Errors bags also feature number 10 oversized durable zippers. These zippers are lubricated for easy opening and closing.

TheTop Pick Backpack is the perfect upgrade for your old softball or baseball bag. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a loved one, the Top Pick is a great way to reward any baseball or softball player for a season of hard work.

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Why Is It the Top Pick?

The Top Pick Backpack earned its name by being one of the best baseball backpack available for baseball and softball players. It is constructed from high-quality material that lasts through years of practices, games, and travel time. Durable, ergonomic zippers and zipper pulls will withstand heavy use and they make it easy to access your gear.

Ultra-comfortable Eva Foam provides good back support to protect the health of the player. The Top Pick comes in 10 color choices and is also easy to customize. Each bag comes with a locker tag where you can write in your name and contact information. Plus, the bag comes with two removable side panels that you can have embroidered with your initials or team name.

1. Endless Storage

One of the most important aspects of a baseball backpack is the storage capacity. The Top Pick not only has a large volume of storage, but the compartments are also designed to be highly functional. Don’t waste any time digging through your backpack and rummaging through your belongings. These backpacks with individual compartments that are made to make finding whatever you need easy, so you can keep your head in the game.

The main storage area is large enough to hold a batting helmet and additional gear. This backpack is OVERSIZED (without being too difficult to transport) so you can be sure to fit all of your gear, snacks, and everything else you or your star player needs.

There are two velvet-lined bat compartments, one on each side of the bag. There are also two designated compartments that are large enough to hold a 12-inch glove. Additional small compartments are perfect for keeping your keys, cell phone, or other valuables clean and safe.

The Top Pick also comes equipped with four EVA molded bat sleeves that are structured, thick and built with a harder outer sleeve as well as softer padding on the inside to offer optimal protection for your bats. Plus, each sleeve has a vertical zipper to make it easy to slide the bat in and out.

What’s in your kid’s baseball or softball bag? Check out this blog X-RAY VISION: Inside a Player’s Backpack.

2. Hydration on the Go

The Top Pick features a hydration bladder that makes it easy to drink water or other beverages while you’re on the move. To fill, simply remove the bladder from the specialized pouch on the front of the bag.

The drinking hose feeds through a hole in the compartment and is attached to the shoulder strap for easy access. You won’t have to worry about getting your water bottle mixed up with someone else’s in the dugout.

3. Great for Travel

Another cool feature of the Top Pick is the hide-away protective cover. This cover folds into its own compartment and can be pulled out when needed. It encloses the entire bag and can be cinched down with a drawstring at the bottom.

This protective cover is perfect for keeping your bag clean and dry while traveling or during practice. The Top Pick features hooks that allow you to hang the bag on a fence and you can use the protective cover to keep your things safe from unexpected rain showers. Plus, the cover hides the compartments with your gear, making it harder for someone to remove something without your knowledge.

The Top Pick is an excellent backpack for any baseball or softball player. The high-quality construction and ergonomic design make this bag durable and functional. Lots of storage compartments provide ample space for all your gear. Features such as the hydration bladder, hide-away cover, and valet compartment all take this bag to the next level so you are fully prepared for travel games and tournaments.

Whether you’re traveling on the go or want to protect your gear on your home field, this special feature makes the Top Pick your new best friend when it’s game time!

4. Perfect for Players of Any Level

Whether you are preparing for your first season of baseball or are playing in the big leagues, you will need a reliable backpack to tote your gear. The Top Pick is an ideal backpack bag for players of all levels for several reasons. For instance, the high-quality material used to construct this bag is durable enough to last you through this season and many more to come.

The heavy-duty fabric will resist rips and tears while the zippers, drawstrings, and other components are ergonomically designed for durability and ease of use. Another thing that sets the Top Pick apart is the comfort provided by the adjustable shoulder straps. Unlike many gear bags, the Top Pick is designed as a backpack, which allows you to evenly distribute weight across your body.

This is much more comfortable and safer than hauling a heavy bag that hangs from just one shoulder. Travel will be a breeze with the Top Pick, and you won’t be slowed down by shoulder aches and pains. Plus, convenient features such as the loop handle makes this bag easy to lift when you need to stow your bag on the bus during away games.

5. Intuitive Features for Enhanced Functionality

Not only does the No Errors Top Pick backpack have room for all your gear, but it also provides awesome features that enhance functionality. Our backpacks for softball or baseball feature an extended rubber zipper pull, smooth lubricated zipper, tough fence hook, padded shoulder harness with built in carrying handle. This softball bag will make practice and most importantly, game day, a breeze!

One of the extra cool things about the Top Pick is this next feature. You probably know the hassle of dirt gathering inside of your bag or your all-star softball player’s bag. It can be really difficult to clean – we understand and worked hard to figure out the best way to solve this issue!

With this awesome backpack, there is a zip-out valet compartment that features a separate mesh bag at the bottom. It’s perfect for holding wet gear or dirty cleats! It even pops out and stays out so you can keep your dirty items away from the rest of your gear and still travel comfortably.

6. Built to Last

As with all of our baseball and softball bags, the No Errors Top Pick softball bag does not skimp on quality. Our baseball bags are made of the toughest, most rugged 600D material, our backpack will be there for you for a lifetime.

At No Errors, we’ve tested every component of our bags for the highest level of durability, safety, functionality, so you can be assured that you’re getting the true top-of-the-line best baseball or softball backpack.

You do not want to have to purchase a new backpack before every season! With No Errors durable baseball and softball bags, your player will be set for years to come.

7. Lightweight and Comfortable

Not only are our baseball and softball bags durable, functional, and stylish, but they are also the most lightweight and comfortable bat bags on the market. Our innovative backpacks for softball and baseball feature revolutionary mold webbing lightweight carry technology, comfortable back padding .5-inch-thick, and padded shoulder straps to ensure that you’ll carry everything but feel almost nothing.

You do not want your child struggling to carry their bags, which can result in them dragging them on the floor and causing damage. But you also don’t want to have to lug their stuff around for them! Our backpacks are designed for baseball and softball players at any level so that they can travel on and off the field comfortably.

8. Custom Style

The Top Pick, best baseball or softball backpack is more than just a highly functional bag: it has style too. The Top Pick backpack comes in 10 great color choices, so you can easily coordinate your bag with your team uniform.

It also features a removable Velcro panel that you can have custom embroidered with your initials or team number. A write-on locker tag is designed to display your name and contact information, making it easier for someone to return your bag if it gets lost.


If you cannot afford a costly bat bag at this time, then why not explore cheaper baseball and softball backpacks that can double as a bat bag? At No Errors, our bags are created with the users in mind. All our baseball and softball backpacks are built to last. With No Errors’ large baseball and softball backpacks, you can have quality workmanship and quantity at an affordable cost. .

And they make the perfect gift for the special softball player in your life whether it's for a birthday or other holiday! Things like gloves, cleats, and athletic wear are great gifts but they can be difficult to pick out for someone else because finding the perfect fit is essential. The No Errors Top Pick Backpack is an excellent item for your athlete that makes a great baseball or softball gift.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one this holiday season, you won’t be disappointed with a baseball or softball backpack or bat bag.

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