May 31, 2018

softball coaches bag

Recently, a potential customer asked me how we were able to justify the price of our NO ERRORS bags.  As many of you know our bags are most likely either the most expensive or equivalent to the most expensive bags in baseball and softball.  I personally think this is a great question and worth taking a few minutes to explain.

To best answer this question I would encourage you to read our story on our web site to best understand our culture and our background. Our story will give you an in depth perspective of how the brand all came about.  However in the meantime let me give you the cliff note version in this email.

Every NO ERRORS product developed, is not made from the idea of trying to turn a profit, but from the standpoint of necessity.  In fact, we hardly ever talk about price or costs when we first start discussing a particular product.  

The initial discussions usually discussed are what is the problem and is there a way to solve it.  You hear a lot of "I wish this product had this" or "I wish it didn't do that" in our initial discussions.  From there we simply look at how to make a product better or develop a product that solves a specific need.  

When you view a product from the eyes of how do I make it the best and solve all my needs you have a tendency to build it with the best materials and the best workers.  None of this is cheap.  Every contributor in our company has worked for large brands within the sporting goods industry.  

All of us have been in meetings with prior companies where the initial conversation is "we need a new product and it needs to hit this price point".  We understand that most companies operate on this principal and have to follow strict marching orders from shareholders and various powers.  However when we started NO ERRORS we elected to put that philosophy aside and decided to concentrate on building great products that AVID players would appreciate and love because it fits their lifestyle.  

We will never waiver from electing to use the best materials, best labor practices and best ideas for NO ERRORS products.  We have cut out the middle man to help make our products more affordable to our avid consumers.  We know our competition will never be able to make this caliber of product without drastically changing their business models which is highly unlikely.  

This is how we justify the price of our products.  We use the best ideas, assemble the best workers to build these products, then source the finest materials from our vending partners or manufacture ourselves before quality checking each item that goes out the door.  

We value the money you earn and put towards the products you purchase. When you purchase from NO ERRORS we want to earn your respect by providing a quality product that you truly love and are willing to endorse.



Ron Reed




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