October 16, 2016

softball catchers bag

Everybody has that diehard baseball fan in their family who can give you an impromptu rundown on the stats of basically their entire roster. Heck, maybe they've even got the affiliated minor league's roster down pat. 

You know that the hardcore baseball fan in your life lives for the game, but when it comes to getting them a gift this holiday season you might be strapped for ideas. What's a good gift? Should you go modern or retro?

Should you go with something purely ornamental or get something with a bit more practical, hands-on value like a baseball glove or softball bat? While the choice is absolutely up to you, maybe consider even hedging your bets and going with a duffle bag, jersey or (embroidered) hat that gets them even closer to the game. And when truly in doubt, gift cards never hurt! 

Holidays Baseball & Softball Gift Ideas

The cool thing about a lot of the gifts below, though, is that these gifts work for any Baseball or Softball fan of the game.

wheeled catchers bag

Prospect Duffle Bag 

A duffle bag really has it all for the baseball or softball fan in your life since there's room for everything from bats and a hide-a-way protective cover to an onboard hydration bladder for drinks on the go. The latter really comes in handy if you have a diehard fan in mind who likes to personally lace it up and play softball on the weekends and needs something to quench their thirst before and after the action.

A prospect duffle bag can make sure it's an enjoyable time all around. There's even a padded bat sleeve that can accommodate three 34-inch-long bats, which is plenty of length considering that's what a lot of the pros use. Fitting in three bats, drinks, lunch, your glove, your cleats and extras like balls and tape won't at all be an issue with a prospect duffle bag.

softball catcher bag

Mizuno Global Elite VOP Series Glove 

This is an awesome option if you're in the market for a glove for your loved one come this holiday season. At just over twelve inches (12.75) this glove is perfect for outfielders, and Mizuno always outperforms the competition when it comes to delivering soft  gloves and playability right off the rack.

top catchers bag

DeMarini CF8 Softball Bat

When you're shopping for a loved one who has a passion for the game nothing makes a better gift than something practical: Something they'll use every week and that'll enhance their game.  For casual (or competitive!) softball players a DeMarini CF8 softball bat definitely fits the bill since this is the hottest seller in their lineup, super lightweight and designed to deliver that sweet spot between speed and control.

The composite barrel on the CF8 is the strongest yet and designed to give players power without sacrificing feel or responsiveness. Drop 10 weight means that it's super lightweight and ready to go right out of the plastic.

No Errors Gift Card 

Especially if you're not sure whether a duffle bag, backpack, coaches ball buddy or something else is up your loved one's alley, a gift card is really ideal since it allows them to choose!

catcher's backpack