January 24, 2019

top catchers bag

Baseball catchers, from little league to the majors, have the same tasks: receive pitches, block balls in the dirt, throw out base runners, and keep the entire team ready on each play. All catchers, no matter what their level, must develop their receiving stance and their throwing stance. Here are a couple drills to help hone in on your catcher skills. 

Bare Hand Catch and Toss Drill 

In this drill, the baseball catcher is in the squatting position with no glove and catches easy lobs with their receiving hand while framing it when caught. This drill teaches you to have easy hands while receiving as you are not using a glove, quickness in your focus as the tosses can be thrown quickly so you need to catch, frame, and drop the ball for the next ball.



Clock Framing Drill 

The clock framing drill is also done barehanded and has someone else throw a ball to the catcher who is in the squatted position. The thrower will toss the ball to four spots, left (9 o’clock position), high (12 o’clock position), right (3 o’clock position), and low (6 o’clock position) and have the catcher catch the ball and frame it.

Each spot has a different way of framing as framing an inside pitch is not the same as a low pitch. Doing this quickly and in multiple sets will get the catch to remember the movements of his body and will teach them to instinctively frame a pitch without thinking about it.



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