November 16, 2016

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As baseball season comes to a close, you may realize that your old baseball backpack has seen better days. Tough practices, travel days, and the grime of the field can quickly take their toll on the bag you use to haul your gear. The RBP Backpack is the perfect upgrade for your old softball or baseball bag. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a loved one, the RBP is a great way to reward any baseball or softball player for a season of hard work.

catchers softball bag

Perfect for players at any level 

Whether you are preparing for your first season of baseball or are playing in the big leagues, you will need a reliable backpack to tote your gear. The RBP is an ideal backpack bag for players of all levels for several reasons. For instance, the high-quality material used to construct this bag is durable enough to last you through this season and many more to come.

The heavy-duty fabric will resist rips and tears while the zippers, drawstrings, and other components are ergonomically designed for durability and ease of use. Another thing that sets the RBP apart is the comfort provided by the adjustable shoulder straps. Unlike many gear bags, the RBP is designed as a backpack, which allows you to evenly distribute weight across your body.

This is much more comfortable and safe than hauling a heavy bag that hangs from just one shoulder. Travel will be a breeze with the RBP and you won’t be slowed down by shoulder aches and pains. Plus, convenient features such as the loop handle makes this bag easy to lift when you need to stow your bag on the bus during away games.

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Excellent storage capacity 

When you start shopping for an upgrade to your current baseball bag, one of the most important features to look for is the storage capacity to hold all the items you need to play your best. The RBP is thoughtfully designed with numerous storage compartments to help keep you organized.

The large main compartment can accommodate a batting helmet, your uniform, drinks, or other bulky items. Two zippered side compartments are perfect for stashing snacks, sunflower seeds, or other dugout essentials. The RBP also includes a velvet lined pocket to hold personal items like sunglasses or other valuables.

There’s also a separate compartment designed to keep your phone or MP3 player safe and handy. Best of all, the RBP features two drawstring pouches to keep your baseball bats within easy reach. All of these storage areas make it easier for you to stay organized during your busy day. Your gear and personal items will stay neat, tidy, and protected.

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Custom style 

The RBP, best baseball backpack is more than just a highly-functional bag: it has style too. The RBP backpack comes in three great color choices, so you can coordinate your bag with your team uniform. It also features a removable panel that you can have custom embroidered with your initials or team number. A write-on locker tag is designed to display your name and contact information, making it easier for someone to return your bag if it gets lost. 

Overall, the durable, convenient RBP backpack is an incredible value. It’s a good deal at the regular price, but you can purchase it from No Errors right now for $30.00 off! If you have a baseball or softball enthusiast in your life, the RBP backpack would make an excellent gift for holidays or birthdays. The RBP backpack is the perfect accessory to help ball players stay organized, comfortable, and prepared to play their best season yet.

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