November 18, 2018

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Wow the catcher in your life with a brand-new No E2 Catchers bag sitting under the Christmas tree. This all in one catchers bag is perfect due to its durable quality, ample space, and sleek design. Give your catcher the gift of convenience this season.

 Every catcher wants a wheeled catchers bag that offers a great deal of compartmentalization and can store all their necessary items. No-Errors boasts an incredible catcher’s bags with remarkable storage capacity: specialized cleat pockets, pockets for bats, and pockets galore to put everything you have in its own neat, contained, location. Your elite baseball catcher will be in amazement as he packs and stores all his gear in just ONE bag.

The catcher in your life NEEDS a bag that can withstand elements such as dirt and rain, as well as being transported back and forth to the ball field every day. The No E2 Catchers bag features heavy-duty fabrics and reinforced stitching, making this catchers bag one of the top bags on the market. The thinner the fabric, the less likely your catchers bag will hold up and the more frequently it will have to be replaced. A high performing bag should include a material made of at least 600D Nylon at a minimum to prevent tearing. It is best to choose bags made of 840D and 1680D Nylon if possible.

Give the baseball catcher in your life the wheeled catcher’s bag that will change the way they transport their gear next season.

Receive a FREE RBP backpack with your purchase of a NO E2 Catchers bag. 

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