November 12, 2018

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The No E2 Catchers bagis a functionally designed catchers bag with wheels that focuses on the athlete in mind. As a baseball catcher, we know that a ton of equipment must be hauled to games and practices multiple times a week. This means that many aspects of our wheeled catchers bag must be able to handle large gear, and rough terrain. This is why the No E2 Catchers bag was developed.

As a catcher, whether baseball catcher or softball catcher, you have a ton of equipment that needs proper storage. That is why the No E2 Catchers bag has three ventilated pockets for wet gear, expandable pocket for shin guards, and space for up to three 34” baseball bats. Not only that, there are places to stow both catchers and batting helmets with ease. This wheeled catchers bag is a catchers dream with the amount of space and pocket options for your gear. 

We knew upon developing our catchers bag with wheels it was going to have to withstand heavy equipment and rough terrain. This is exactly why No Errors decided to install FatBoy Wheels onto our wheeled catchers bag, to ensure our catchers baseball bags are of upmost quality, for even the most elite catcher. The FatBoy Wheels are heavy-duty and able to roll over surfaces other baseball equipment bags simply can’t. The FatBoy Wheels can withstand heavy equipment and will last for many years. This wheeled catchers bag is the bag of all bags with these heavy duty, wheels.

The No E2 Catchers Bag is designed with every catcher in mind, no matter how big or small. We designed this bag with space, quality, and sturdiness in every detail.

Receive a FREE RBP backpack with your purchase of a NO E2 Catchers bag. 

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