May 15, 2019

NO E2 - Built to Last-1920 x 1280-3

When accessingcatchers bagfor the season it is important to have something that will not only last for this season, but for many seasons after. Storage and accessibility for items such as helmets, gear, cleats, etc. are important for any catcher and need to be considered when searching the market for the best catchers bag. Storage is also a huge factor when looking at catchers bag. Baseball catchers have an ample amount of gear and need space for all of it and then some. Read below for more on what to look for when searching for the best catchers bag for your elite catcher!


Compared to any other player on the diamond, baseball catchers have an enormous amount of gear to pack and unpack every practice and every game. Not only do you need space, separate pockets help catchers keep their gear organized, making packing and unpacking your catchers bag a breeze. The No E2 Catchers bag has three ventilated pockets for wet gear, expandable pocket for shin guards, and space for up to three 34” baseball bats. Not only that, there are places to stow both catchers and batting helmets with ease. This wheeled catchers bag is a catchers dream with the amount of space and pocket options for your gear.

Wheel Durability 

When on the lookout for the best catchers bag, a rolling catchers bag is the way to go for ease and convenience. But the most important factor in a rolling catchers bag is wheels that can stand up to tough terrain and even tougher conditions.

We knew upon developing our catcher equipment bag, it was going to have to withstand heavy equipment and rough terrain. This is exactly why No Errors decided to install FatBoy Wheels onto our catchers bag with wheels to ensure our catchers bags are of upmost quality, for even the most elite catcher. The FatBoy Wheels are heavy-duty and able to roll over surfaces other baseball equipment bags simply can’t. The FatBoy Wheels can withstand heavy equipment and will last for many years. This catchers bag with wheels is the bag of all bags with these heavy duty, wheels.

Overall Bag Durability

The best catchers bags need to be able to withstand outside elements such as dirt and rain, as well as being transported back and forth to the ballfield every day. The No E2 Catchers bag features heavy-duty fabrics and reinforced stitching, making this catchers bag one of the top bags on the market. The thinner the fabric, the less likely your catchers bag will hold up and the more frequently it will have to be replaced. A high performing bag should include a material made of at least 600D Nylon at a minimum to prevent tearing. It is best to choose bags made of 840D and 1680D Nylon if possible.

The No E2 Catchers Bag is designed with every catcher in mind, no matter how big or small. We designed this bag with space, quality, and sturdiness in every detail. Click here to check it out now.