November 08, 2018

Screenshot 2018-11-07 17.25.36Every hitter, no matter where in the lineup or how strong of a bat should know the basics of bunting in baseball. 


A hitter's perceptive skills will have a great impact on his success as a bunter. The hitter should keep both eyes on the pitcher and focus on the release point. The batter must be able to see the ball come out of the pitcher's hand. It is important while the hitter is on deck to watch and determine the pitcher's release point long before the batter steps in the box. 

Body Mechanics 

The bat path should be short and quick, to the ball. The hitter's back hip should rotate, with the elbow close to the body and the hands staying inside the ball. Ideally, the back elbow will be at a 45 degree angle. The top hand is palm up and the bottom hand is palm down. Make sure your legs and hip are in an athletic position, with both knees bent, this way instead of moving your bat up and down to find the ball, you move your body. 

As for your hands, make sure your hands are up higher on the bat to increase your control. The wider the grip, not only the more control you have over the bat, but the more the ball will "deaden" upon contact. 

Here are a few drills to help with the basics of bunting in baseball:

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