October 29, 2018
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Being a catcher is no easy task. A baseball catcher takes a lot of abuse behind the plate, while having a lot of responsibilities to tend to. Here are just a few responsibilities of a catcher: 
Make Smart Throws 
As a catcher you have a great responsibility with runners on base. In a split second, you have to make the decision to throw or not to throw. Is the runner already there? Are there multiple runners on the base paths? Which one is an easier target? When the batter lays down a bunt with a runner on first, do you have time to get the runner out at second, or take the easy out at first? As a baseball catcher you have a split second to make that decision and put your team in the best position possible. 
Direct the Defense 
You're the field general. As a catcher you know the lineup, you know what the team has done. You are also the only position on the field that can see the entire field and every player. As that player, you must direct the defense to the current position, if you know the current hitter is prone to pull the ball, move your third baseman closer to the line. Is there a play at home? Is there a play at third? You have to make it known by telling your defense! As a catcher you have to speak up and direct the defense, in almost every situation. 
Be a Leader 
Every team needs a leader and as a catcher, most of the time it is your job to step up and be in that role. As a baseball catcher, you most be a positive force when things go bad. You must be vocal, let the defense know the play, and cheer on your pitcher. As a catcher you must lead by example, always work hard, and set the tone for your teammates. 

These are just a few responsibilities of a catcher, a catcher has an array of responsibilities and tasking demands. 
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