November 26, 2018

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During the baseball season, your whole life is centered around baseball. Your mind, body and emotions are controlled by America’s pastime. BUT, it is officially the offseason, and what you do with your time off can greatly affect next season.

Set Goals

As the baseball season comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on your season and evaluate how you did. What do you need to work on this off season? What do you want to do better next season? It is time to set reasonable goals for the upcoming season and start to work towards those goals in the off season. Come up with a list of tactics that you can do, that will help you achieve your goals.

Get Strong

Now is the time to add strength training and lifting workouts to your routine. Focus on building strength in your bottom half, add ladder workouts and sprints for quickness and stretching for flexibility. Make sure your body is prepared for what it will endure with the upcoming season.

Keep your Mind Strong

It’s just as important to keep your mind strong, as it is to keep your body strong and healthy. The weather may keep you from physically practicing, but it’s just as important to visualize. It is important to visualize yourself hitting, catching and fielding. When athletes visualize or imagine a successful competition, they actually stimulate the same brain regions as you do when you physically perform that same action. Visualization in sports or mental imagery is a way of conditioning for your brain for successful outcomes.


During the season, sleep is usually on the back burner. Physical fatigue can be detrimental to your game, but mental fatigue is detrimental to your everyday life. Take time this off season to rest physically and mentally. This way you are fully prepared when season starts back in the spring.

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