December 19, 2018

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Both speed and agility drills for baseball are vital for an athletes success, not only in baseball and softball, but in other sports as well. To increase your speed and footwork, read below for drills and explanations of these important drills to incorporate into your practice and training. Not only will these drills increase your speed, they will help your body prepare for the long season ahead. 

Metabolic Sprints 

Metabolic sprints are important to incorporate into your offseason training as well as in-season training. Sprinting has many benefits such as cardiovascular health, increasing strength, longer endurance and increased recovery. All of these factors, are vital when playing baseball or really any sport. 

• Begin all sprints out of straddle stance position

• Run linear sprints of 10, 20, and 30 yards

• Rest 35-40 seconds between sprints

• Run 6-8 sprints for each distancno e2 catchers bage

• Add 1-2 sprints each week

• Never run more than 14 sprints per distance



Agility exercises are important to incorporate into practices and conditioning because they help your body be able to change direction quickly, whilst keeping balance, strength, speed and body control. 

Drill One 

• Set up three cones five yards apart

• Start at middle cone in two-point stance

• Open hips and move right or left toward cone

• Pivot and turn as though fielding a ball backhanded at cone

• Touch cone with glove hand, plant

• Sprint 10 yards in opposite direction to far cone

• Touch cone with glove hand, plant

• Sprint through middle cone

• Set up three cones five yards apart

Drill Two 

• Set up two cones 10 yards apart

• Shuffle between cones 10 times

• Stay low and drive hard

• Complete shuttle in 24-26 seconds

• Rest 45-90 seconds, repeat once

Additional Speed Agility Cone Drills: watch

All of these drills listed above are important to incorporate into your baseball of softball practices. Speed is a vital quality for any athlete, as well as endurance and recovery during long days in the sun. 

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