July 18, 2016

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If a young athlete in your life has a birthday coming up, you may want to get him or her a little something to help improve their game. Whether you want to get him some new gear or a gift card so that he can pick something out for himself, there is no shortage of great choices.

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Baseball Glove

If the baseball player in your life has been in the game for a while, his favorite glove may be getting a little worn. A good quality glove helps players perform better and protects their hands from hard impacts. Make sure you consider the size of the glove, the player’s position on the team, and the quality of the material when you make your selection. Picking out a spiffy new glove for your young athlete will let him retire his old one to a place of pride on his trophy shelf.

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Baseball Bat

A great baseball bat is right up there with a good glove when it comes to important gear for baseball players. The next time a ball player in your life has a birthday or other special event coming up, consider a new bat as a gift. Bats come in a great variety of styles and materials, so do your research before purchasing. Make sure you know the regulations for the team or league where your baseball star plays. Also, consider factors such as the age, height, and weight of the player.

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Baseball Bag

Picking out some types of gear can be tough without input from the recipient. If that’s the case, a baseball bat bags may be an easier item to buy as a gift because things like sizing and regulations aren’t really an issue. Check out the Prospect Duffle Bag from No Errors as a great gift choice. It features 8 different compartments for storage and a hideaway sleeve that holds up to 3 bats. A detachable backpack with hydration bladder and detachable end compartments make it easy to customize this duffle bag to carry varying amounts of gear.

Baseball Cleats

Young ball players have a habit of outgrowing their cleats and uniforms at an alarming rate. Not to mention, cleats tend to get a little funky after a season of sweat, dirt, and hard playing. All of these facts mean that baseball cleats are a great gift.

Correct sizing of cleats is absolutely crucial for comfortable wear, so it would be smart to have your young athlete try on different brands and styles before you make a purchase. If you want the gift to be a surprise, make sure you purchase from a source that allows exchanges. Cleats make a great Christmas present because they will help your ball player get excited for the spring season, which is only a few short months away!

No Errors Gift Card

Some young baseball players are highly particular about the gear they use on the field. If the ball player in your life has major league standards, a gift card may be the best choice to assure that the recipient gets exactly what he wants.

Purchase a gift card from No Errors to give your child the freedom to choose for themselves. You can pick from cards worth $10, $25, $50, or $100. Your all-star player will be thrilled to choose from a selection of high-quality gear.

There are lots of gift ideas for young baseball players. Whether you opt for new gear, a new bag to tote it in, or a simple gift card, the young ball player in your life is sure to be thrilled with their gift. 

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