February 11, 2019

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When just starting out as a baseball pitcher, it’s important to start with the fundamentals. It’s important to break down every movement, and practice consistently to form proper pitching mechanics.

Here are a few things to break down and focus on when working with your young or new baseball pitchers.

Gripping the Ball

This is first and foremost when starting out, it’s important to teach baseball pitchers to hold the ball up on their fingertips and out of their palms. This will help with velocity and snap control.


The baseball pitching motion begins with the windup. Start by facing sideways with your front shoulder directed at your target and your feet parallel. Keep your hands together at your chest with your elbows close to your body, nice and relaxed.


As your hands start to move down toward your belt, step towards your target on a bent leg, while your arm is cocked back to about a 90-degree angle. During your stride, make sure your glove side foot remains closed. The moment before your foot lands, it opens and points towards the plate. When your foot opens, your hip opens as well, which will in turn, bring your upper body through. 

The Finish

A good follow through for a baseball pitcher is vital for control, speed, and proper fielding position upon release. As you release the ball, your wrist snaps after coming over top. Finish with your throwing hand down and behind the opposite hip, showing the back of your shoulder to your catching partner.

Becoming a baseball pitcher is not easy but practicing the fundamentals of pitching and focusing on proper pitching mechanics is vital for successful baseball pitchers.

Here are a few fundamental catcher drills to help your young baseball pitchers succeed.

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