December 04, 2018

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Now that it is officially the offseason, it's time to buckle down and get ready for the next season. It's important to focus on fundamentals and correct the little things this off season, to make a big impact next year. 


To be a successful hitter, it is important to be able to drive the ball to all parts of the field. During the season, it is good to chart your hits. Are you a pull hitter? Opposite field hitter? Are you a predictable hitter? It is time to buckle down and work on your weaknesses and how you can improve your game. 

To work on this it's important to get in the cages, do some tee work, and hit some soft toss. Check out these drills for baseball and instructions to hit the ball to the opposite field this offseason:


For every level there are three main goals that every fielder needs to work on: get in front of the ball, get down in an athletic position, and move through the ball. 

By getting in an athletic position and getting in front of the ball, you ensure yourself that you're in the best position to field the ball cleanly.

It's important to field through the ball and keep moving to prevent a bad hop and to be in a more athletic position to throw out runners. Here are a few fielding drills that we believe is important to incorporate into your offseason workouts:

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