December 24, 2018

baseball coaches bag wheels

Fielding is important for any position on the diamond for baseball and softball players. With run production down, coaches are placing a renewed appreciation for fielders who prevent runs through defense. As they say, “defense never goes in a slump.” Here are a few different ways to improve your mechanics, range, and consistency of your position players in the infield.

 Rolling Drill

  • Players get on both knees
  • Roll the ball back and forth focusing on keeping your glove down and eyes down
  • Move into short hops, focus on glove down and moving through the ball

 This will help to focus on keeping your glove down, chest down and move through the ball to avoid bad hops without using your feet.

 Cone Drill

  • Set up cones 6’ to 8’ apart
  • Bend you knees and get in an athletic position
  • Shuffle from cone to cone while your teammate tosses you a ground ball between the cones

This drill is designed to help build side-to-side movement as well as fine tune your fielding and footwork.

 Short Hop Drill

  • Grab a partner and get into a balanced fielding position
  • Place your throwing hand behind your back and your glove in front of your body
  • Standing 10’ to 15’ away, have your partner throw ground balls bounding 1’ to 2’ directly in front of you
  • Practice catching by holding your glove at the same angle and keeping your chest down

By putting your throwing hand behind your back, it really forces you to use your body and glove position to knock down short hops.

Here are more infield drills for baseball:

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