October 08, 2018

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When teaching kids sports it is always important to keep things simple. With short attention spans and the quest for fun with friends, kids may lose interest quickly with long drawn out drills and explanations. Here are a few hitting basics to focus on when teaching kids, the proper hitting technics.

First things first, the proper batting stance.

  • Weight distribution over the balls of your feet
  • Feet a little wider than shoulder-width
  • Bent knees
  • Level shoulders
  • Hands 10-12 inches away from your back shoulder
  • Both eyes on pitcher


Developing good habits is important to be efficient at baseball or any youth sports. As a hitter you should automatically step to the ball with your front foot, every time instead of stepping out of the box or staying still. Your back foot should pivot, driving your back knee forward to your front knee. This helps you drive your weight forward for optimum power and drive.

Practice this using front toss, have the batter step toward the ball and the pitcher as you release the ball.

Your Upper Body

Keep your elbows in towards your body. Your bottom hand should be pulling the bat over the plate, while your top hand guides it.

Following Through

 It is important to follow through with your swing after the point of contact. Focus on driving the bat through the ball. A drill that will help this is the two-ball drill. Set up two tees with a ball on each and focus on hitting through the ball, hitting both balls off the tee and following through.

These are just baseball hitting basics that can help you when you first start out. It is important to focus on your stance, stride, upper body and following through when learning how to hit a baseball and becoming a successful hitter. There are plenty of drills that can help you perfect these proper hitting technics, but mostly it takes consistent practices and repetition.

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