October 02, 2018

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Being a baseball catcher is definitely not the easiest position to play on the diamond. It requires an ample amount of skills, perseverance, and determination. Here are a few drills that can help you zone in on your catching skills no matter what level you may be.

Framing Drill

Framing is important, because as a catcher one of your main jobs is to make your pitcher look good. This drill focuses on framing the pitch and moving the pitch ever so slightly back in the zone. Step one is to take off your mitt and get in your crouch behind the plate. Next, have someone toss you tennis balls, outside, inside, down the middle, low, etc. Focus on receiving the ball with your barehand and framing it perfectly by moving it ever so slightly back in the zone.

Blocking Drill

Blocking is another important skill for any catcher to focus on. For this drill, go ahead and get in your position behind home plate. Next, have someone simply throw you balls in the dirt for you to block, inside, outside, down the middle. Be prepared for anything. This drill is really for you to focus on how quickly you can get to your knees and block the ball with your body. When you drop down to block the pitch, really focus on creating a shield to stop the ball in front, you almost want your body in a curved, position to prevent the ball from popping to the back stop.

Bunts Drill

Being able to field bunts is often overlooked when thinking about all the skills a catcher needs to be successful. For this drill, once again you will get in your position behind home plate, with your mask on. You will have someone else behind you and they will toss the ball between the lines to simulate a bunt. As a catcher, react and throw the ball to first base.

Hopefully these different drills will help you improve your skills as a catcher and have you on your way to be an elite athlete.

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