February 04, 2019

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As a baseball player in general, you need to be in tiptop shape to endure a long season of many games. Baseball players play multiple games in a year, a week, and even a day. It is important that not only are they strong athletes, but conditioned. This will help with not only performance, but fatigue and prevention of injuries.

It is even more important to be thoroughly conditioned as a baseball catcher, squatting and throwing, every pitch of every game. Here are a few exercises that will leave your catcher feeling strong and conditioned for the whole season.

Core Strength Training

A strong, stable core is important for any athlete. Without a strong, stable core, loading extremities with extra weight is risky and limited by the lack of core strength. One of the most important aspects for a baseball player is having core strength.

Every movement a catcher, makes involves the trunk so it is really important to learn how to strengthen the core in order to prevent injury and build the power to be explosive. The core includes the oblique muscles, abs, hips and the lower back. A strong, balanced trunk and torso are necessary in baseball so that the limbs are able to be in control and move powerfully. 

Incorporating planks into your practices and weight training is important to train the abdominal muscles and keep your core strong while behind the plate. Here is proper plank form: Plank Video

Additional Core Exercises: Core Exercises

Arm Band Work

Band work is vital to build, maintain and protect the shoulder. Band work works the little muscles in your shoulder and helps injury prevention, endurance, recovery and even velocity. Add bands into your warm up or after a practice to keep your shoulder and arm nice and strong as an elite baseball catcher.

Arm Band Exercises: Arm Band Exercises

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