January 14, 2019

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As a baseball catcher there are many things to worry about, but what is most important when first starting out is your stance behind the plate. Their are two primary stances as a catcher behind the dish, your primary stance with no runners on base and your secondary stance with runners on. Read below to figure out the difference between the two catcher stances and the fundamentals of both. 

Primary Stance 

As a baseball catcher, you will navigate through two primary stances through the game. The first is your primary stance, this is the stance you will call and receive pitches in. You want to be nice and low in your stance, giving a clear target for the pitcher. You should be in a relaxed position with your legs slightly wider than your shoulders and your toes angled out, allowing your hips to be open.

Make sure to give your pitcher a good target with your glove out from our body, and your throwing hand down at your side behind your leg, to avoid being hit with a foul ball. Have your youth catchers practice this position in practices. It is important for them to feel comfortable receiving pitches, while maintaining a good position behind the plate. 

Secondary Stance 

As a baseball catcher your secondary stance is very important, because this is your stance when their are runners on base. Position your feet a little wider than your primary stance. Hold yourself a few inches higher off the ground to give yourself more mobility when it comes to throwing to a base or blocking a wild pitch. Angle your chest slightly to the plate so you can handle lower pitchers, while still maintaining your balance.

Similar to your primary stance, keep your throwing hand tucked, but ready to throw at any time. In practice, it is important to simulate a real game to practice this stance. Have a pitcher throw with runners on base and have your youth catchers in the correct catcher's stance behind the plate. 

It is important to incorporate both of these stances into your practices for youth catchers, so come game time they are familiar with the difference. 

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